Lions Automotive believes in Giving Back

My business has been in the community of  South Bay, California for 20 years this month.  We have flourished in business and relationships.  As relationship builds so does the sense of civic service and giving back.  Giving back is a hallmark of  building community.

Having a teenage son has made me more aware of the needs of young people.  Over time I have taught him the general mechanical and electrical how to’s of an automobile.  I’ve taught him how to change oil, tires, wiper blades oil filters, etc.  He’s also learned how to respond properly in a vehicle emergency.

This got me thinking that all teens should know this….after all they are the future drivers.

Jump start a battery

Teaching our youth basic automtoive service and some repairs.

Look mom I'm working!

Troop 411

We support a local boy scout troop (Troop 411)

Victor and Easton

Teaching more than just outdoor skills